Ruskovska to Janeva: You betrayed the confidence of the people out of greed


Organized crime and corruption prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska said in the opening statement that during the trial she would prove the guilt of the three defendants in the Racket case.

– There was a movie “Charlie’s Angels” and a lady who got into a movie with a TV star Bojan Jovanovski and thought no one could do anything to her. You may hear that what Katica Janeva did was for naivety or loneliness, but the prosecution has incontrovertible evidence that she greedily betrayed public confidence that she deliberately and intentionally provided details of the investigation of the self-rpoclaimed star Boki Jovanovski to LCP – said Ruskovska in her opening speech at the “Racket” hearing.

Prosecutors will prove she provided confidential data from the investigation, allowing her to seek money to facilitate the investigation against Orce Kamchev, a suspect in the Empire case, Ruskovska announced.

“You will hear that Zoran Milevski wanted to help Kamchev because he loved him as a brother. And he did not forget to take the one million euro bag. It is too much, even it is for a brother. The witness is not the one harmed here. This is where we, the citizens, are most harmed,” Ruskoska said.

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