Nikoloski: Zaev runs away from answering whether he reported the “Racket” Case

Zoran Zaev is running away from answering whether he really reported the “Racket”
case!, says VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski.
– A week ago I asked Zoran Zaev to show the note from the report of the “Racket”
case. Namely, his PR team claims that he was the first to report the “Racket” case to
the police, if so, then he should show the note on the report.
After I persistently insisted, he said on Monday he needed check the agenda of the
day and where he reported the “Racket” case, Nikoloski wrote on Facebook, adding:
“So I publicly ask him, does he really need five days to check when he did it? He
needs five days to check his agenda? Well, no one believes these lies anymore, it is
too transparent…
It is clear that he is avoiding giving an answer because Zoran Zaev did not report the
“Racket” case. After a week, this is the conclusion and the truth about the”Racket”
case, Zoran Zaev did not report it because he is at the top of the pyramid.
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