SEA and SAO pre-election employment, salary up to 39,000 denars!


The government plans to hire 11 civil servants in the Secretariat for European
Affairs. The job advert published by the Administration Agency on January 3rd this
year requires 11 jobs from the Secretariat.
The highest salary of almost 39 thousand denars, or exactly 38,689 denars will be
paid to the State Advisor for Coordination of European Funds and other foreign

In addition, a junior associate for internal affairs, a senior associate for free
movement of services, a junior associate for internal market, an adviser for
agriculture and rural development, a senior associate for agricultural and rural
development policy, a junior associate for education programming, for environment,
for evaluation of EU programs, bilateral program coordinator as well as language
audit associate, and the lowest salary is 22 thousand denars.

Earlier on December 27, the Office for General and Common Affairs of the
Government asked to hire six people, mainly for advisers, and the salaries there will
be up to over 26 thousand denars.

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