Dimitrieska Kocoska: The Ministry of Finance does not keep records of employment agreements


Threats to employees, bans on submitting documentation and cooperation continue,  Deputy Finance Minister Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska accused today.

She said at a news conference that the information she received after 11 days showed that the Ministry of Finance did not keep records of employment and engagement arrangements in state institutions.

– Such reporting and visible concealment of data raises serious doubts about the serious obstruction of the organization of elections and the possible impact on citizens as voters. It is incomprehensible how the Ministry of Finance does not have such a record and whether it means that there is no record of where people’s money is spent and how much money is drained from the Budget and on what basis, said Dimitrieska Kocoska.

According to her, if the Ministry of Finance’s assertion is true and if there is really no record of employment approvals, it indicates a serious breach of the provisions of the Law on Archival Material and the Guidelines on the Manner and Techniques of Handling Archival and Documentary Material.

– In the period of the transitional government in 2015 when Kire Naumov was the additional Deputy Minister of Finance, upon his request submitted to the Minister of Finance, the data on issued approvals were submitted in a timely manner which was requested confirming that during that time in power The VMRO-DPMNE was respecting the laws, and now that is not the case, said Dimitrieska Kocoska, enclosing a copy of a letter and response to Naumov’s request.

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