Mickoski: The measures we propose are getting the business owners’ approval


“Today we continued with our work and visited Kavadarci where I had a meeting withthe Regional Chamber of Commerce of Kavadarci. This was also a good opportunity to promote the package of measures and projects we offer to the business community.
I can say that all the measures we have discussed have met with approval from the business community, especially our commitment to permanently introduce a flat tax and reduce it further, from 10% to 9%, to reach 8% in the first 2 years Macedonia willbecome a country with convincingly the lowest taxes in the world. In support of the business is our commitment that capital investments will be at least 90% realization each year, and that GDP must grow at least 4% annually to experience real growth. Of course we will pay special attention to stimulating domestic and foreign investments which in one mandate will amount to 4 billion euros and here I mean most of the green field investments.All in all, this and other measures we are planning are a great package to revive the economy. These are measures that have more for everyone, in business, for the citizens. Renewal that will bring more money, more security, more happiness and a better future, wrote VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski on his Facebook profile.

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