There will be no dissolution of parliament until Zaev gets what he wants?


Parliament was due to be dissolved on February 11th, so that the early
parliamentary elections scheduled for April 12th could be oficialized the next day. But
that did not happen, primarily at the request of Zoran Zaev, who wants to push
through the law on Public Prosecutor’s Office with this parliament, which has
provisions that would suit him in the event of criminal prosecution, but his calculation
is not in his favor so far.
As interpreted in one of his recent statements by Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi,
constitutionally elections are held within the last 90 days of the term of office of the
old MP composition or within 60 days of the dissolution of the Parliament.

And the possibility of dissolving the Parliament 15 days later, on February 26th last
October as early as October last year was already announced by former Prime
Minister Zoran Zaev, who then sent a letter to Xhaferi, to consider this deadline if the
ratification of the country's NATO accession protocol was on the agenda at the time.

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