Criminals, this is a continuation of the way you came to power!


Criminals! You are criminals, that’s all I can say, this was told by VMRO-DPMNE coordinator Nikola Micevski after today’s parliamentary session the draft law on Public Prosecution was not adopted by the SDSM majority, and Xhaferi voted in favor called for a second vote on the same law.

I asked to address the parliament while colleague Ferid Muhic was speaking, you rejected that. You called for the vote and the MPs voted 113 out of the total, only 74 MPs voted in favor the law, while 32 MPs voted against. By law this vote is not a success and the law has not been adopted because it is being voted on by 80 MPs. For that reason, I demand that the first voting be concluded that the voting is not successful and this legal solution as it was voted by the MPs has not been adopted, said Micevski.

Micevski pointed out that annulment of the first voting of the law and its repeal was a direct violation of the constitutional and legal procedures.

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