Ahmeti against coalition with SDSM-Besa-DPA


Senior officials from the SDSM, but also BESA and DPA, are already openly discussing the joint appearance of the three parties in the early elections on April 12th. While there has been no official confirmation of negotiations and meetings between party leaders so far, neither option has been ruled out.

Political analysts believe that with such a coalition, the SDSM is attempting to oust DUI from a combination of government entry that would be formed after the election.

DUI President Ali Ahmeti was asked today if he agrees with such interpretations by political analysts about the possible coalition of his current government partner with the two Albanian parties, but was not in the mood for commenting.

“I do not know anything about it,” the leader of DUI responded briefly to a question about the tripartite coalition that SDSM is “tailoring”.

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