Spasovski: Passport validity is regulated by law, the government cannot amend the law’s text


The law on travel documents regulates the validity of every passport and the law’s text cannot be amended under a government decision, Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski said Friday. According to him, there’s no problem to schedule a government session on the passport crisis. Solutions are being sought, but management is crucial in such situations.

“There are two possible solutions to the passport issue,” he told a news conference when asked if he would convene the government for an urgent session to discuss the lack of passport booklets. Recently, Interior Minister Nake Culev demanded that an urgent session should be held.

“There are two possible solutions – the first one involves talks with the company commissioned to make the booklets to ask to provide the passports as soon as possible. It should go in parallel with a good management at home. As for the second solution – it’s no problem to hold a session of the government. The problem is that the law on travel documents regulates the validity of every passport and its text cannot be amended with a government decision,” Spasovski said.

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