No wave of migrants expected for the time being


The state has established a response system to deal with a possible wave of
migrants and all relevant institutions are activating their operational plans, the
Steering Committee for Coordination and Management of the Crisis Management
System stated, and the Government indicated that they were monitoring the situation
with due diligence and are in constant communication with our country's NATO and
EU partners.
Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski said there was no expectation at the moment that
we might be in a situation of increased migratory tide, but if any routes were opened
and refugees increased they could only transit or stay for up to 72 hours.
– You know the attitude and policy of the Government regarding the migrants, we are
a transit country, we have two transit centers, Vinojug and Tabanovce, and if any
route is opened i.e. increase of refugees through the Republic of North Macedonia

can only transit or a temporary stay of up to 72 hours. I have emphasized several
times that the issue of migration is not an issue that can be resolved by one state,
but rather a common policy needs to be built because, first of all, we deal with the
consequences , but do not solve the problem; it needs to be solved at its root,
Spasovski said.

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