The transport sector suffers losses due to coronavirus, demands support and assistance


The transport sector is seeking support and assistance for the losses it has suffered following the coronavirus outbreak. The losses are yet to be analyzed.

– Support and assistance to the sector facing service failure, failure to fulfill contracts, reduced passenger numbers, restrictions on the movement of goods, involuntary absence of drivers, and increased costs for Macedonian companies, is said in a statement released at yesterday’s meeting of the transport sector, AMERIT and Transport Legis with representatives of the relevant institutions.
Due to the coronavirus situation, carriers require donation of disinfection funds for regular daily disinfection of passenger transport vehicles, distribution of leaflets and posters for cases of contact with patients, personal hygiene and contact information, subsidizing salary contributions to employees in the period in which the measures to prevent Covid-19 are applied, and banks to allow a moratorium on installment payments on loans.

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