Filipce urges citizens to stay home and reduce their movement to their most pressing needs


Health Minister Venko Filipce announced at a press conference today that there are
currently 18 positive coronavirus positive patients in Macedonia, six of them from
yesterday. Infectious Disease patients, all 15 are stable.
Minister Filipce said there were 7 people being tested for the coronavirus from
Kicevo, Kumanovo, Tetovo, Stip, Ohrid and two pregnant women from Debar, not

close to labor but brought in for tests. There are about 120 respirators, 90 of which in
All medical staff from public and private institutions is organized to work in hospitals.
They will be coordinated by phone.
A chief of crisis management body in the Debar hospital has been appointed, who
will head to the city and organize the work there. The Kozle hospital will be equipped
to receive potentially ill children.
In Debar and Centar Zupa the situation is stable without incidents.
Concerning the closure of the malls, Filipce made it clear that only grocery stores
and pharmacies would remain open, and the open-air malls would continue to work.

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