Curfew in Macedonia starts as of today


As of today, the Ministry of Interior introduces curfew to restrict the movement of people from 9 pm until 6 am. This restrictive measure is being imposed for the first time ever in a bid fully protect the population and curb the spread of the new coronavirus.
The curfew does not apply to members of law enforcement bodies, army members, firefighters and the Communal Hygiene enterprise.

“The curfew also does not apply to people in a need of emergency medical assistance, those in a life-threatening condition and people undergoing dialysis treatments,” Spasovski said.

According to him, the number of pharmacies nationwide will be limited under the curfew.

“The number of taxis will be also limited. Taxi drivers will be allowed to transport people only to a healthcare facility or a pharmacy. A protective equipment of mask and gloves is mandatory for all of them,” Spasovski explained.

Also, he said, the directors of public health institutions will have to make a list of employees who will be considered essential staff for whom the curfew will not apply. The lists will be forwarded to the Interior Ministry or another competent ministry in charge of issuing special passes.

“The government made the decision on the basis of the opinion of experts from the Commission on Infectious Diseases about the coronavirus. In fact, the measure is being imposed to stop the spread of the disease. Nothing will ever be the same. Our lives have changed radically. It requires us to change our daily activities in a radical manner. Each and every one of us should adjust to this highly alarming situation. Maximum responsibility is a must. Every citizen is required to be part of our joint fight. If we want to protect the nation, we all have to act responsibly. It is about the survival of the nation and the economic system.” The PM said that the country is imposing curfew for the first time in its history.

The government decided at yesterday’s session on both intercity and public transport to limit passenger transportation capacity by 50% in vehicles or by mandatory keeping a distance of at least two meters between passengers.

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