Former Finance Minister calls for no citizen to remain without income


Trajko Slaveski, Professor and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee, stressed that no citizen should be left without income as a result of the economic crisis caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“The state went into an economic recession, at least at this stage. Economic recession means collapse of economic activity, reduction of economic activity. In the first phase it was largely caused by the need to protect the health of the nation… No well-functioning company should cut ties with its suppliers, its creditors, its customers, etc.
Now I want for everyone to understand this point, that it should not make any difference whether the budget provided with protective masks, ventilators, hospital beds, pay salaries and bonuses for doctors, so there is no difference between whether we pay salary compensation subsidies for those employees who sit at home as a result of the need to protect the public health against the spread of the virus. This means that we should not have any dilemma that with the March salary from the budget funds to provide a certain percentage of the salary of all affected companies, says Slaveski.

According to the professor’s estimates, the state has the capacity to subsidize about 50 percent of the gross wage of workers, and may also set thresholds for higher wages than the average wage.

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