29,000 employees in catering seeking government help


Authorities should tell catering employees whether they will provide help for the catering business. If not, they should seek help through other measures in a timely manner so as not to be left without income, the Catering Association of Chambers of Commerce urges today.

The Association warned that caterers alone could not withstand the economic blow to coronavirus and that most of the staff would likely be laid off and out of work by March 31. Doing so will directly threaten the livelihood of the 29,000 people employed in the industry, and their families will also fall victim.

The measures already proposed do not solve their problems and will not only help them overcome their financial problems, but will additionally borrow them. According to Martin Angelovski of the Association, the proposed package of measures will come into force from April, and caterers have been without income for over half a month.

Caterers also offer a range of specific solutions, including subsidizing the minimum gross salary for employees while preventive measures are in progress, delaying payment of tax liabilities and advances for the next six months, freezing and reprogramming of liabilities on loans and interest and other overdue liabilities, until the end of the crisis.

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