Opposition accuses: Government’s economic team is absolutely incompetent!


At present, the government’s economic team is totally confused. Every day we see different statements first 7 to 10 days ago there were statements by Zoran Zaev from the Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska that the budget is liquid, in excellent condition for 2 to 3 days to have a statement from Zaev that there will be a hole in the budget of one billion and three hundred million. Yesterday there were also statements by former Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev that the budget may have a hole of up to two billion euros, so it is obvious how the budget of the Republic of Macedonia is. It is obvious what the economic situation at the Ministry of Finance is for the simple reason that this economic team of the SDSM-led government is absolutely incompetent, said VMRO-DPMNE Spokesperson Dimce Arsovski.

– In addition, the measures proposed to businessmen are far from sufficient to overcome the crisis. These are not measures, these are some half-measures that do not help at all and whether they will help ten percent of the businessmen – added Arsovski and urged the government to accept the measures proposed by VMRO-DPMNE to get out of this crisis as soon as possible, he said, if the government’s frivolity continues like this, companies will soon be closed and citizens will have no money to feed themselves.

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