State quarantines guarded closely, pose no threat to locals


State-ordered quarantines are secured and guarded closely by the police and the army. Citizens accommodated in these facilities pose no threat to anyone, the government says Saturday in a statement.

Rest assured, says the government, because all the measures taken to take over our nationals after being repatriated from other countries are in line with the highest health standards.

Nineteen accommodation establishments with a total capacity of 2,104 beds have been put at a disposal. Of those, 1,082 beds have been occupied.

Citizens placed in state-ordered 14-day quarantine are banned from leaving their rooms or the building. Every floor of the establishment is closely guarded by the army and the police, said the statement. The citizens in quarantine, it added, have been interviewed by epidemiologists. There is no room for concern or for panic because the highest health standards and protocols are being applied, the government noted.

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