Macedonian epidemiologist demands 400,000 quick tests


I have already applied for 400,000 quick tests to determine the level of IGM antibodies in ten minutes, which first appear on the 9th day after infection, so that only those with elevated IGM levels are then tested with virus tests. They are instant tests, and those tested even do not have to get out of the car until the results are made and obtained, said the Macedonian epidemiologist prof. Dr. Dragan Danilovski.

– Something that must be done in parallel and what the WHO constantly recommends is: testing, testing, testing… Thus, in South Korea they managed to have only 50-60 patients per day. But they have done about 300,000 tests so far, which have uncovered a bunch of “metastases”, invisible clusters of asymptomatic cases, which have localized them absolutely promptly and effectively, so as not to allow the number to escalate. We can no longer rely on isolation alone for 14 days without testing if no symptoms occur. Literally all the isolated people who were in domestic isolation must be tested – says Dr. Danilovski.

Our problem is that measures are being taken that function to some extent, but with a delay. The restrictive measures we have now had to be introduced when we had only a few cases, explains the epidemiologist.

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