Macedonia to be the first to get IMF funds


International Monetary Fund assistance is expected to arrive this month, Finance Minister Nina Angelovska said Friday.

Financing will be also used from the World Bank, the European Union for several months dictated by the need for injections into the economy, all the while new measures will be taken.

“We’ve had talks with the World Bank. The Deputy PM for European Affairs has said the EU will allocate assistance, namely EUR 50 million in performance reward, before being approved a loan to an Euro-bond. We are expecting to receive first the funds of the International Monetary Fund, and then all the rest by the end of April or in early May. These funds are enough to function in the coming months depending on how much money will be enough to inject liquidity in the economy,” she said. Regarding foreign debt maturity, this year EUR 440 million will be paid and the plan is to issue EUR 450 million in securities on the domestic securities market, added Angelovska.

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