Macedonia gets a half-million-euro grant from the EU to fight the African plague


EU grant worth 540,740 euros was given to Macedonia to fight the African swine fever. The agreement was signed by the Food and Veterinary Agency (FVA), which initiated the support back in August last year.

According to the director of the Agency, Zoran Atanasov, the African swine fever is still looming. It is present in Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, but not in our country. So far, we are coping well with the challenges.

– From July/August last year, when the African plague started to appear en masse on farms in Bulgaria, and then was registered in Serbia, as well as in Greece, our environment is not very optimistic. Already in August, we submitted a letter to the European Commission requesting financial support for the implementation of preventive measures and early detection of the disease. We soon received a positive response in September, but the idea was born to support the entire region (North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, BiH). Practically, at our initiative, non-EU countries in the region have received European financial support. At the same time, the Macedonian program submitted to the European Commission was the most acceptable, so at its discretion, with appropriate adjustments, those of Serbia, Montenegro, BiH were made, Atanasov said.

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