Companies to have trouble maintaining liquidity in coming period


Seventy-one percent of the members of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, despite the problems they face due to the pandemic caused by the spread of coronavirus, have not yet announced the closure of the companies. However, as pointed out by the Chamber, all companies face the problem of maintaining liquidity and the problem of state exports due to the announced termination of many of the contracts.

“All our observations show that our members are very likely to face the liquidity problem in May, in which the Government may have its share, due to the announced termination of many of the agreements, the state’s exports are in a very problematic situation,” said Antoni Pesev, President of the Assembly of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, at today’s press conference

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia, as a representative of most economic entities in the country, says that at the end of the second month of the state of emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it must be concluded that the Macedonian economy has been operating extremely difficult for the second month. circumstances, and relies on its own reserves, but also that government measures, despite the best will and intention of the Government, are complicated and difficult to access to a significant part of the members.

In April, 7,030 new unemployed people were registered in the country, according to the records of the Employment Agency, which is identical to the numbers in Kosovo. In Serbia, according to the Macedonian Economic Chamber, since the beginning of the crisis, about 6,047 employees have lost their jobs, while according to the Albanian Tax Administration, that number is 61,000 workers who lost their jobs as a result of the coronacrisis.

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