Health Minister after religious mass gatherings: COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared!


Health Minister Venko Filipce expressed concern that despite the appeals of the health institutions to people not to hold mass gatherings, to observe measures for social distancing and movement restrictions, that didn’t happen during Sunday’s Ramadan celebrations in the places of worship.

“I respect the celebration and truly believe that these are important events for all of us, regardless of our religion. But this year, the holidays around the world are celebrated in a different way, putting health of our fellow citizens first,” Filipce said.

He thanked the citizens for adhering to the measures, and who, unfortunately, can still be at risk because of those who do not respect preventive measures.

“Coronavirus has not disappeared. Unfortunately, it is still among us and will stay as long as there are those who ignore it. I have reiterated many times, and I will say it again. Healthcare workers cannot do it alone. The measures are good and timely, but they can be possible if they are not respected, otherwise they have no effect. Effectiveness of these measures depends entirely on citizens. We have to accept that this is a new way of life and we should adjust our daily life by following the recommendations,” said Minister Filipce.

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