Health Minister warns with re-introducing quarantine due to non-compliance with the restrictive measures


Health Minister Venko Filipce said restrictions would be reintroduced in some places if the epidemiological situation so required.

Quarantine measures may be introduced for municipalities where there is an increased number of newly infected. These municipalities are Saraj, Cair, Gazi Baba and Aerodrom where there is a higher concentration of new infected than during the period of strict restrictive measures. Half of the 52 newly infected (26) in the past 24 hours are from Skopje.

According to Filipce, it is worrying that the citizens do not respect the recommended measures for wearing masks and distance, and there are violations of the solutions for isolation and movement outside the quarantine, there are group gatherings, as well as non-cooperation with epidemiologists, giving false data and addresses so that the authorities fail to deliver self-isolation decisions.  He said that there will be stricter controls, and asked the Ministry of Interior for more diligence and sanctioning.

He stressed that despite the easing of the measures and the lifting of the curfew, the restrictive measures remain and, as he said, they are clear and not difficult to apply.

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