WHO disputes "expert" Zaev: There is no evidence that the virus has weakened


There is no evidence that the new coronavirus has changed its form of transmission
or that the severity of the disease it causes has changed, say experts of the World
Health Organization (WHO).
"There is no change in the transmission, there is no change in the power," WHO
epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove told a news conference. "The most important
thing is to take measures to reduce and stifle transmission," she said.
The leader of SDSM says that the virus weakens in its effect, all new cases are
asymptomatic cases, but it is spreading. He says that all the new cases are from the
period when there was a curfew, which, according to him, is not a solution.
"It will be July, everyone has time to prepare. The virus weakens in its effect, all
cases are asymptomatic, but it spreads. All today's figures are from the time when
there was a curfew, so that is not a solution. In all these days, there were only five
hospitalized in the City Hospital and two at the Infectious Diseases Clinic. This will
last on August 5, and October 5, and January 5, we cannot leave the Government
like this because of someone's hidden calculations. It is healthy for the country to
have a parliament and parliamentary democracy," Zaev said.

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