No ban on visiting cemeteries even when the country was under Ottoman Empire


GROM calls on members of the government to look in front of supermarkets, markets and banks to see the mess they created this morning. The lines of citizens who waited to buy groceries for the next four days will increase even more in the afternoon. That means the risk of contracting COVID-19 instead of decreasing it with these lines increases even more, the party said in a statement.

“GROM is amazed by the government’s measures to ban visits to cemeteries. Even the Ottomans did not take such a measure during the country’s five centuries of slavery. We demand that all cities and settlements that are not infected by the Coronavirus not have a curfew and that the graves of the loved ones who died be visited. Mr. Karadzovski, as far as we are informed, knows where the infected clusters are and we insist that they be quarantined, and the rest of the citizens are free to go with their daily duties. If the Government does not reconsider this measure during this day, GROM will consider that the human rights of the citizens of the Christian faith have been violated and the same measures are a flagrant violation of religious customs, rights and freedoms guaranteed by all international conventions and discrimination on religious grounds of the most severe form.”

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