Of the 151 coronavirus-related deaths, 115 had other diseases


The two patients who lost the battle with the coronavirus yesterday also had other
comorbidities, i.e. they had other diseases. This can be seen from the report of the
Institute of Public Health.
– Two deaths have been registered, the patients were from Prilep and Strumica. The
cases ranged in age from 67 to 73 years. They were hospitalized at the CGH
September 8 and the Neurosurgery Clinic, where they died. Both cases had
comorbidities, the report said.
Statistics from the Institute show that of the 151 registered deaths from Covid-19,
115 or 76.2% had other diseases.
COVID-19, on the other hand, is the most fatal for the elderly.
– Of the registered deaths, most are over the age of 60. 102 deaths were reported in
males and 49 in females, the report said.
Nine people also died at their homes, while the rest were hospitalized.

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