Pre-election bribery – The government funds NGOs with public money!


In times when the country is facing an epidemiological crisis that is handling
institutions and when the people are sinking into poverty, the government is
allocating 500,000 people's money to 40 non-governmental organizations. The list of
"winners" includes dubious organizations, such as a non-governmental organization
that is implicated in the Racket case, along with Boki 13, reads the Levica party’s
"While the government is handing out 10,000 euros to NGO workers, the
unemployed are left on their own, healthcare with its employees is on the verge of
collapse, and the finance minister is trying to deceive us with ridiculous 100-euro
tickets. Such unscrupulous squandering of public money in circumstances where the
economy is on the verge of collapse and public debt is skyrocketing is just another
indication of the corrupt rule of this criminal government.

However, the biggest problem is that through this notion of the "civil sector", it plays
a very dangerous and destructive social function – which creates two essential
First, it transfers the obligations from the state to the non-governmental ones,
releasing the state institutions from responsibility. It narrows the scope of state
responsibilities and social functions, handing them over to organizations that have no
accountability to the people, and whose primary function is to make a profit for a
small group of obedient individuals," said Levica.

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