15 coalitions with 1,598 candidates to run in the July 15 elections


Heads of the MP candidates’ lists for the July 15 parliamentary elections are set to sign Thursday the Code for fair and democratic election at the State Election Commission (SEC). Signing of the Code for fair and democratic election, SEC said in a press release Thursday, is a provision of Article 8 of the Electoral Code.

Prior to the March government decree suspending the election campaign and the decision of political leaders to postpone the April 12 early parliamentary elections, the SEC confirmed the lists of 15 coalitions and parties with 1,598 candidates, and determined the layout of the ballot.

DUI, the coalition “We Can” led by SDSM and Besa, the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition “Renewal of Macedonia”, the political party INTEGRA, “Never North, always Macedonia”, Democrats, Alliance for Albanians and Alternative, Levica and the Labor Party, and DPA will participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections on July 15.

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