It’s not true that Zaev reported the “Racket” case, reveals lawyer Dukoski


How did the former Prime Minister and leader of the ruling SDSM, Zoran Zaev, report the “Rocket” case to the prosecution when the documents state that the case was reported by businessman Orce Kamcev, said  Bojan Jovanovski’s lawyer Saso Dukoski on TV 24.

“The Prosecution, i.e. Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska said that the extortion was reported by Kamcev. Now Zaev claims that he was the one who reported it. Let them work it out. The records say that the case was reported by Kamcev,” Dukoski said.

He pointed out that the defense asked three times for Bojan Jovanovski’s phone to be examined, but that was not allowed. Only the screenshot from the communication between Zaev and Jovanovski was shared, where the former prime minister was glorified.

“But this has a prehistory when they have some kind of communication. But even that was greatly reduced, only one screenshot was given where Prime Minister Zaev is glorified as he says “this and that”. Can you send a message to someone if you haven’t communicated before? Why wasn’t the phone examined?! It has been requested three times, and it has been rejected three times “, Dukoski said.

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