ELEM director be summoned to the PPO for racketeering 250,000 euros, the opposition demands


It’s been three days, and Vasko Kovacevski and SDSM are still silent about the
criminal charges against Vasko Kovacevski for extorting 250.000 EUR, said VMRO-
DPMNE’s Dimce Arsovski.
"It’s been three days, and Vasko Kovacevski and SDSM are still trying to cover up
the affair for REK Bitola, where they destroyed reputable companies that worked
there, at the expense of a company close to Vice Zaev, that is the company SV
We have previously talked about the company SV Invest that it gets work on the
basis of a direct relationship with Vice and Zoran Zaev without any portfolio. We are
talking about a well-respected company that lawfully won a contract to work in REK
Bitola, but was pressured to either pay 250.000 EUR in bribes, as a cut of the deal,
or to step aside and let another company take over its contract. The other company

that was pushing to get the deal is SV Invest, which has been used as a front for
Vice Zaev
We demand that Vasko Kovacevski be immediately dismissed from the position of
ELEM director, a position he received as a reward for working with Vice and Zoran
Zaev with the companies in REK Bitola.
We also demand that Vasko Kovacevski, along with all those involved and all those
responsible, be summoned to the Public Prosecutor's Office for questioning and that
appropriate criminal proceedings be initiated, "Arsovski said.

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