Hoteliers of the Ohrid-Struga region to reopen doors to guests as of Monday


Accommodation facilities, hoteliers and private landlords have received work
protocols in the new situation imposed by the coronavirus epidemic. As of Monday,
they are scheduled to reopen their doors that have been closed for more than four
According to the caterers from the Ohrid-Struga region, the measures for protection
of tourists, but also of employees, were more or less expected, even known given
the practices in the rest of the world where this type of activity is already being done
in the newly imposed conditions. They say there will be q little difficult to keep it all in
order, but all that can and will be resolved in from while adjusting to the situation.
That's all right, but remains the most important question – where are the guests!?
This is the main problem of all accommodation service providers, but mostly of the
hotels because most of the realized overnight stays they realize are exactly from the
summer holiday arrangements sold through the offers of the tour operators from

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