VMRO-DPMNE: 25% higher salaries in 4 years, customs cuts and 8% flat tax


It is time to bring Macedonia back on its feet. We have a strategy and program for the Renewal of Macedonia. With projects and solutions for everyone, says VMRO-DPMNE.

– The economy is our top priority. It is planned to introduce a flat income tax and a profit of 8%. This will reduce the costs for both companies and citizens. We will provide them with a better business climate in order to create more jobs. Instead of a tax, companies will be able to reinvest the funds they will save from the planned reduction in the production process, in order to modernize the working conditions. There will be more for workers – 25% salary increase in a term of 4 years. In addition, we are committed to full customs cuts, reads the statement.

Macedonia will be a country where business can be run. And a country in which each and every citizen will be able to succeed.

SDSM has shown that they can only commit more crimes, they can do more corruption and they can only lose. Let’s put an end to bending our backs. Stand tall, Macedonia! Choose Renewal!

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