Zaev: Macedonian future is safe, secure and certain with SDSM


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, who heads the “We Can” coalition’s list in the fourth election district, launched the campaign for the July 15 parliamentary elections on Wednesday in Strumica. Zaev added that now is the time for new initiatives, projects and success to which they are committed. The coalition will conduct a different campaign in which, as he said, they will call on the citizens to hear their solutions and vote in the elections which are especially important for the people and the country to get legitimate and complete functional institutions.

Zaev in his address said that the country was on the right track forward to NATO and the EU, to real progress and better life.

“Today we have stable economy with constant growth rates, an economy where pay is rising in all sectors, while unemployment is falling. We have a Macedonian economy ready to face the crisis brought about the coronavirus. We have saved thousands of jobs with swift economic measures,” Zaev said.

“We have developed measures that bring justice and discipline. We’re building a country to ensure a dignified life for all. We’re investing in the Macedonian health system to provide even greater health care for the people,” Zaev noted.

“We’re building a country of free and responsible people,” he said, “a country that solves problems in an efficient and fair way, a country that secures compliance with the law.”

“Now we know, we’re certain we can do it. It brings secure future for all of us and for our children, and it is a guarantee for a rapid economic development. Macedonian future is safe, secure and certain with SDSM,” Zaev said.


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