Mickoski: I am convinced that VMRO-DPMNE will win the parliamentary elections


Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski recorded an interview with the MIA editorial
office as part of his campaign for early parliamentary elections on Friday. In the
interview, Mickoski talks about the program with which the coalition led by VMRO-
DPMNE will try to win as many votes as possible in the upcoming elections, about
the meetings with the citizens with respect to the measures for COVID-19, about
how to increase the turnout in the elections, the campaign and videos that provoked
public reactions to possible coalitions… Mickoski expressed confidence that VMRO-
DPMNE will win these elections and that he will be the next prime minister, pointing
out that the number of MPs won by the coalition will depend on the turnout, which
according to current polls is almost 20 percent less compared to the few previous
election cycles.
“I am convinced that the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition ‘For Macedonia’s Renewal’ will
win the July 15 elections and hope that President Pendarovski will give the mandate
to the winning coalition. I am the PM-designate of the winning coalition,” says
He says the State Election Commission (SEC) is undertaking all measures for a
continual electoral process while protecting the people’s health.
“We call on citizens to come out and vote. However, polls say that the turnout would
be around 45 percent, unlike before when the turnout was about 65 percent. I
believe that the days to follow will represent an opportunity for citizens to get
acquainted with the programme we offer,” says Mickoski.
His message to the citizens is to protect and take care of their health, taking into
account the situation with COVID-19, and to go to the polls en masse and vote for
the opposition.
VMRO-DPMNE is already promoting its program. The focus will mainly be on
the economy. What are the key projects to attract voters?
The main focus will be the economy because Macedonia’s reality is a destroyed
economy, an economy that leaves entrepreneurs, businessmen and citizens
hopeless. This is not only a result of the pandemic that hit us. Of course, it has big
influence, but it is also because of the poor policies of the SDSM-led government
and Zoran Zaev over the past three years. SDSM has accused us of not having a
program, but we still do not know what SDSM if offering to citizens. On the other

hand, we have produced a document of 360 pages that was promoted in Bitola.
Economics professor Trajko Slaveski and doctor Kedev presented the program
because economy and health are in the focus at this time. We have not seen a
program from SDSM. They produce the same clichés and narrative as five years
ago. We have a proactive campaign that we called ‘Project Renewal’.

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