Zaev has no problem with an Albanian Prime Minister


Zoran Zaev posted on Facebook stating that he and SDSM had no problem with
Macedonia getting an Albanian Prime Minister.

With this, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev practically denies himself, because in his
previous statements on the DUI proposal for Albanian Prime Minister, he said that
such an initiative was premature.
"What can I say, another title candidate. We have nothing against the person, but I
believe that his participation in such a blackmailing offer is not appropriate. He
cannot reform DUI in 20 days, DUI needs to go into opposition for 4 years so that it
can be reformed to be a good party. I believe that this is just politics and politicking
because the mandate at the end of the day is given by the citizens. They choose a
person, a dedicated staff, which has been proven so far, and I believe that on July
15, the citizens will determine through their vote who will be the future Prime Minister
of the Macedonian Government," said Zaev recently.
Is Zaev capitulating to Ahmeti and accepting his proposal and blackmail with his
latest status? Was the strong rejection of DUI's proposal for an Albanian prime
minister a bluff? Is Zoran Zaev again flattering the Albanians and promising them
everything in exchange for votes?

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