BRIMA: Fear of contracting coronavirus on the rise


The fear of contracting coronavirus has increased around the world. People’s
skepticism about the dangers and threats of the virus has reduced and the
worsening of the situation with pandemic has reduced the people’s support to the
government’s handling of coronavirus, shows a Gallup International poll released on
Although in most countries the fear of coronavirus infection remains high, a gradual
decline is in sight. Macedonia is among the rarest countries where the fear of
coronavirus infection is growing, along with Bosnia and Herzegovina and India. A
total of 67% of all 19 polled countries fear that they or someone in their family may
actually catch the coronavirus, while 30% said they were not afraid of catching the
coronavirus,” reads the press release.
The Gallup International snap poll was conducted in 19 countries around the world.
In each country a representative sample of men and women was interviewed in the
first two weeks of June via telephone or online. The margin of error for the survey is
between +3-5% at 95% confidence level.
Gallup International Association (GIA) is the leading global independent association
in market research and polling. BRIMA was established in 1992 as the first
independent research agency in the Republic of Macedonia, joint venture with Gallup

International. In 2002, at the annual Gallup International conference in
Johannesburg, South Africa, BRIMA was accepted as Macedonian member of
Gallup International.

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