Osmani: The issue of an Albanian Prime Minister is about achieving unity in the country


Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani, in last night’s guest appearance in “Samo Intervju” on Kanal 5 TV says that after July 15, Macedonia will have its first Albanian Prime Minister.

Osmani says the idea of ​​an Albanian prime minister is not new, that DUI was preparing for it the next day when Talat Xhaferi became speaker of parliament, as the next step in overcoming the latest taboo – that a prime minister can only be Macedonian.

According to him, it is certain that the major political parties SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE will win the largest number of seats, but says that DUI will be the key factor and this party in a coalition will get the mandate to form a government.

“The issue of an Albanian prime minister is not an ethnic demand, but a question of achieving unity in the country. This is not an ad hoc issue, but a long-term goal, announced back in 2009. An Albanian has never been prime minister, which means he is kept exclusively for one ethnic group and that means subordination of citizens from one and another ethnic community. That is why we say that after the President of the Assembly, a logical sequence of steps is the Prime Minister, and thus all points of resistance to equality are broken. The prime minister should be a non-party option, and that is Mr. Naser Ziberi. The resistance for an Albanian Prime Minister is ethnic, and that will change as soon as the idea becomes a reality,” noted Osmani.

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