Problems in the textile sector are yet to come


Due to the new cases of coronavirus, a Probistip textile company has been closed as of Friday, and the workers have been sent on a collective annual leave, informs Kristina Ampeva of the NGO “Glasen Tekstilec” – Stip.

During this period, Ampeva pointed out, there have been layoffs of workers in the confectioneries.

“There are collective layoffs or not to call them layoffs, non-renewal of contracts.

We had a case in a company where there was a non-continuation of the contracts of 40 workers, however those who were indefinitely given to sign an annex to a contract, to be on a four-hour working day or to sign an annex to a certain, which, when – then they will be under the Employment Agency. We reacted to this, the legal team met and we appealed to the workers not to sign anything,”Ampeva said.

According to her, workers must not be collateral damage, and if the employer has business problems, he should fire the workers for business reasons.

“Accordingly, the procedure in accordance with the Law on Labor Relations should be conducted by the employer, and not in this way,” Ampeva said.

At the moment, they cannot give exact numbers, how many workers have lost their jobs, because they work and intervene in the cases for which the workers called them.

During this period, “Glasen Tekstilec” noticed non-payment of the minimum wage of the workers in companies that received state subsidies from the Government.

“These are people’s budget money, and on the payroll we see something, payment of 3,000 or 4,000 denars. We have reacted several times with the State Labor Inspectorate, they are acting and we are really satisfied that they are expedient and all those cases are being successfully processed, “said Ampeva.

In Europe, a number of civic associations have launched a campaign in support, as they believe that brands that now reduce orders have a responsibility to employees who have been sewing for them for years. The initiative is joined by “Glasen Tekstilec” where they are aware that there will be layoffs, but demand that this be done in compliance with the Labor Law, and workers should not be forced to sign a transfer of contracts indefinitely or amicable terminations.

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. the existence of workers who have been sewing for their brands for decades. I want to raise it as an issue in the coming period, “Ampeva said.

“Everywhere in the world where the textile industry is represented, there are already public calls from the governments themselves, from NGOs, employers’ organizations, trade unions, the International Labor Organization, calling on brands to take responsibility, not to stop orders, to pay attention to existence. of workers who have been sewing for their brands for decades. I want to raise it as an issue in the coming period, “Ampeva said.

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