Donev: SDSM has a coalition without an election programme


The ruling SDSM is running in these elections with an interethnic coalition without an election programme, which is unacceptable, said former ambassador of Macedonia to London Jovan Donev in an interview with the Alpha TV show “Zaspij ako mozes”.

“You currently have a pre-election coalition in Macedonia without an election programme. That is the coalition SDSM-Besa; it is inadmissible and no one reacts in Macedonia, and someone should give them votes because that coalition has an electoral list. Like the membership and the supporters of SDSM or some others, they are voting for a coalition party that does not have its own programme,” Donev said.

In addition, Donev said that the leader of BESA in an interview with Radio Free Europe also said that the coalition does not have an eligible program but a signed declaration with the then SDSM government. According to Donev, it is a completely different matter, especially given the fact that the government is now resigning.

“The leader of BESA said in an interview ten days ago that ‘we do not have an election programme’, look at the declaration signed by BESA with the Macedonian government on the relevant ones. A declaration between a political party and a government is a completely different matter. That government no longer exists, that government is resigning. Programmes are signed by political parties and they present and demand a mandate,” Donev said.


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