SDSM Vice President: This party does not belong to the Macedonians since 2016


SDSM Vice President Muhamed Zekiri in an interview with Albanian television Euronews Albania said that from 2016 the Social Democratic Union is no longer a party of Macedonians.

This view is shared by the leader of SDSM who is also Zekiri’s best man, Zoran Zaev.

– Since 2016, SDSM is not a party of Macedonians, it is a party of all citizens; it is a civic party, said Zekiri.

He stressed that the Law on Languages, i.e. the Law on the Use of the Albanian Language was not adopted by Ali Ahmeti and DUI, but that it was adopted by SDSM and that Zoran Zaev was the one who defended the law with great fanaticism.


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