Four political parties to appeal to the Administrative Court over the SEC decisions


Four political entities and coalitions are announcing lawsuits to the Administrative Court for the rejection of their complaints about election irregularities by the State Election Coalition (SEC).

The Levica party was the first to announce that it would sue. The leader of the party says that they have not filed the lawsuits yet, because they have not received the decision that they have been officially rejected, and as soon as they receive it, they will act on it.

The Alliance for Albanians and Alternative coalition also said they will file lawsuits, stating that they are not satisfied with the SEC decision. The party Integra, whose two complaints were rejected yesterday, will also file a lawsuit. Its leader said that in addition to the lawsuits, they are also considering criminal reports.

The coalition “Never North -only Macedonia” also reacted to the decision. They filed criminal reports on Monday due to what they say is a reasonable doubt of violation and abuse of the right to vote; violation of the voters’ freedom of choice and fraud.

“By mentioning the name of only one political party, instead of the whole coalition, the voters are deliberately misled not to vote for this coalition consisting of several entities (the party United Macedonia and the citizens’ associations FRODEM, Tvrdokorni and Veteranina VMRO 1990) thus violating and abusing the voting right of the voters; violation of the freedom of choice of voters as well as fraud of voters, so they could not vote for a real participant in the elections,” said the “Never North-only Macedonia” coalition.
Political parties have 24 hours to appeal the decision to the Administrative Court, which in turn has to make a decision within 60 hours.

If no lawsuit is adopted, the MP seats won by the parties will be official.

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