Foreign visitors mostly complain about roads and hygiene


The road network and the hygiene of the public places received the lowest grade from the visitors of the country surveyed at the border crossings in the country. Those who crossed the border crossings in the country last year gave the lowest marks for the road network and hygiene in public places. The highest score was given by the visitors for the behavior of the people.

The average assessment of the services of foreign visitors at the border crossings in 2019, according to the published data of the State Statistical Office, is 4.16. Human behavior was rated at 4.53, archeological and historical resources at 4.51, natural environment at 4.41, restaurants at 4.37, airport services at 4.32, entertainment and nightlife at 4.25, safety and health services grade 4.19, hygiene in public places 3.71 and road network 3.64.

Visitors spent the most in the country on food and beverages over 20 percent of the funds, as well as for entertainment, recreation, health and the like, but also left funds to buy products in trade.


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