In addition to Prime Minister, Ahmeti wants the Ministry of Interior, Finance, PRO and NBRM


In addition to the request for Naser Ziberi to be Prime Minister in the first of the four years of the mandate of the future government, Ali Ahmeti is seeking other high state positions from Zoran Zaev in the negotiations for the formation of a new parliamentary majority.

Ahmeti was looking for ministerial positions in the Ministry of Interior and Finance, deputy prime minister for economy, director position in the PRO, but he was also seeking the position of governor of the National Bank.

“Naser Ziberi will be elected Prime Minister with 74 votes, Zoran Zaev with 61, isn’t that a sufficient indicator that the compromise we put on the table has a more serious credibility, but it is also an investment in the future, especially when local elections are coming next year. elections, and then presidential,” says a DUI official.

DUI could accept a compromise instead of the first last year of the mandate of the Prime Minister to be Ziberi, but this approach in SDSM is understood as blackmail by Ahmeti to Zaev, due to which there are difficulties in the talks.


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