Zaev and Bulgarian Ambassador: The cooperation for implementation of the Friendship Treaty continues


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev met Monday with Bulgarian Ambassador Angel Angelov, saying the Government remains committed to its strategic objectives, including the observance of NATO tasks and acceleration of the EU integration process. Ambassador Angelov congratulated PM Zaev on the election of the new Government, wishing him success in ensuring stability and economic prosperity for the citizens.

Zaev and Angelov agreed that the Friendship Treaty between the two countries has set excellent foundations for further bilateral support.

Interlocutors agreed that the two countries continue to reap the benefits of the joint Berlin Process Presidency, towards facilitating and promoting concrete steps for regional economic development and overcoming of the economic-health crisis caused by COVID-19, as well as cooperation in other areas.

PM Zaev and Ambassador Angelov agreed that both countries continue to strengthen cooperation and demonstrate will to solve all challenges.

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