Macedonia has the most expensive electricity in Europe


The decision made by the Energy Regulatory Commission a month ago to increase the price of electricity by 7.4 percent, or 5.9 denars or almost one euro per kilowatt of expensive electricity caused a stormy reaction in the public.

Macedonian citizens are second on the list in terms of funds allocated for the most expensive electricity in Europe, if you compare the price of electricity with the average monthly salary. The graph illustrates the data from the analysis and research of world agencies in the ratio of electricity prices and percentage of average salary.

If we compare the price of electricity in relation to the average salary, according to the calculations of the Reflector platform, made based on data published by Eurostat, electricity in Macedonia, as a percentage of the average salary, is among the most expensive in Europe. For instance, one megawatt hour of electricity in Macedonia costs 19.1 percent of the average salary.

According to economic analysts in the country, Macedonia is among the three poorest countries in Europe, according to Eurostat, and therefore the people oppose the electricity price hike, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. With the increase in the price of electricity, the cost of living also increases, which is a direct blow to the pockets of the citizens.

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