Goce Delchev is a Bulgarian teacher and revolutionary” is the proposal from Sofia that Zaev will have to accept, Republika.mk finds out


Goce Delchev is a Bulgarian revolutionary and teacher who fought for the liberation of the autonomous Bulgarian region called “Macedonia” from the Ottomans. This will be one of the proposals of the Bulgarian history commission which will be sent to their Macedonian colleagues at the next meeting, Republika.mk has learned from sources in the commissions.

This proposal has long been discussed in Bulgarian political and historical circles as a red line to which Bulgaria can go in the negotiations on Goce Delchev.

Republika also has learned that the Government in Skopje and the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev are well informed about this “indecent proposal” from Sofia and that now a strategy is being worked out to be accepted by the Macedonian commission, and then to create an atmosphere among the citizens for it to pass.

The possibility is not excluded that Zaev will put pressure on the Macedonian commission to accept this proposal and even to change some “disobedient” members.

It is very likely that this proposal will pass as a final agreement between the two commissions and then it remains to be formalized by Zoran Zaev and Boyko Borisov at a joint meeting when it should be made public that the two countries have resolved the biggest historical issue.

Zaev fears how this will be accepted by the people and that he “bent the spine” again in front of the neighbors, but a strategy is being made that it is done for the European future of the country and that Macedonia will start negotiations with the EU by the end of the year and Bulgaria will not to block our country but will be its greatest ally.

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