Mickoski: According the State Department’s report, the country is sinking into problems and corruption


The US State Department published a report on Macedonia which lists a number of negative phenomena, but some media outlets close to the government greatly ignored the report or their reports fabricated milder forms to define the real situation listed in the report, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

As Mickoski points out, this is done in order to confirm the picture perfect that the government is trying with all its might to build, which is completely opposite to the difficult life of every citizen.

“In other words, some media outlets did a few things for Zaev’s government, falsely showing pink angles, for which, if the report is read literally, it will be noticed that the country is sinking into problems and corruption. Of course, there were few who told part of the truth. What you will not be able to read on those same media outlets in charge of the pink image is that the US State Department is pointing to, I quote, “businesses are laying off employees,” “the country is backing 31 places in Doing Business,” “corruption remains a problem”, “implementation of anti-corruption laws is weak and selectively targeted at government critics and low-level offenders,” Mickoski said.

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