(PHOTO) Ecological disaster – Waste dumped in Kamenicka River


The Kamenicka River riverbed has been drowning in waste since Monday morning, which, according to information from citizens of Makedonska Kamenica, has flowed into Kalimansko Lake.

Among the first to go out on the field were the members of the sport fishing association “Sharan” who stated the catastrophic situation.

“Our members are currently on the ground, taking samples from the presence of tailings in the waters of Kamenicka River. The samples will be additionally forwarded to the examination authorities. What is obvious is that there is a plague of dead fish in the river, and we will additionally determine whether this is the case on Kalimansko Lake, said the “Sharan” association.

The Sasa mine informs that there was indeed a defect due to which there was a leak, but that the situation was normalized very quickly and there was no endangerment of the environment.


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