Census to be held April 2021


The Minister of Justice Bojan Marichikj announced that by the end of the year a law on census will be adopted, which will undergo minor changes compared to the previous decision that was in parliamentary procedure before the elections, in terms of the provision for entry into force, so that the census can to be held in April 2021 before the local elections.

“We have a firm commitment and a coalition agreement to conduct the census next year. The law was submitted to the Parliament before the elections, as the Government we will propose it again in the parliamentary procedure, there will be changes in the deadlines because originally when it was proposed it had to enter into force a year after it was adopted. Now there is no time to wait so long because in a year or so the local elections will be. The determination of the Government and the SSO is to conduct the census before the local elections – said Marichikj, asked by reporters at the press briefing.

I believe, added the Minister of Justice, and we will work on that in the coming period, that by the end of the year a law will be adopted so that the census can be conducted in April 2021.

Macedonia has a history of problematic censuses, and they are mainly related to the relationship between the Macedonian majority and the Albanian minority.

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