VMRO-DPMNE protest – Goce Delchev is the red line


The third protest of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE in front of the building of the Ministry of Justice started Tuesday night with people chanting “Macedonia”, “Macedonia”, waving  banners “For Macedonia and Goce Delchev”, with Macedonian flags and singing the song “We have but one name”. The protest, as they say from the party, is for the red lines, and that is Goce Delchev. The protest that started in front of the Ministry of Justice continued in front of the government and ended in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs across the Goce Delchev Bridge. These are the messages of over 20 thousand citizens.

“Goce Delchev is the identity and dignity of the Macedonian people and the man who is mentioned in the country’s national anthem and he should not and must not be negotiated. Goce Delchev is the red line. Goce Delchev understood the world as a cultural field for competition between nations, said VMRO-DPMNE.


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